Liberated Capital:
A Decolonizing Wealth Fund


Liberated Capital is a new philanthropic initiative designed to practice the values of reciprocity and equity outlined in the book Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance. This fund—directed by the Decolonizing Wealth Project—aims to move untethered resources that can help shape a future in which we can all heal from generations of colonial trauma and truly thrive in our cultures. Liberated Capital aims to support Indigenous and other people-of-color-led initiatives working for transformative social change. 

Rooted in relationships of mutuality and equity, Liberated Capital gives through a reparations model that trusts and supports the leadership of those most impacted by historical and systemic racism. The fund welcomes support from individuals at all levels of giving who are committed to collectively healing the wounds of colonialism and white supremacy by using money as medicine to shape an equitable future. 

Liberated Capital is committed to the Seven Steps to Healing our relationship to money as outlined in Decolonizing Wealth. First, we recognize the pain that the accumulation of wealth has caused, and how this wealth was made on the backs of Indigenous people, slaves, and low-wage workers of color. We re-open these wounds, grieve them, and apologize. We listen to each other. We walk our talk about diversity and equity, ensuring our decision-making is directed by Indigenous people and other people of color. Finally, we use our money to heal where people are hurting, and to stop more hurt from happening. 

Join us in supporting a fund that can help us all be courageous in moving resources together, undertaking the long process of healing required to restore balance so that all communities can flourish.