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We have to be honest about the sources of wealth and how wealth was accumulated in this country—a great part of it was on the backs of people of color, and now those communities are benefiting from just a very small percentage of dollars… Once you know, how can you not be equitable about how you’re distributing the money?
— Edgar Villanueva

the Decolonizing Wealth journey

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Make no mistake, the exploitation of our democratic-capitalist system is intentional. Too often, the powerful and privileged who might stem the callousness and corruption seem largely to ignore it, avoid it, minimize it or, worst of all, maximize it for their own gain.
— Darren Walker | President, Ford Foundation


The amount the U.S. GDP would increase by 2030 if the racial earnings gap was closed

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 2018 The Business Case for Racial Equity states if the average incomes of people of color were raised to the average incomes of whites, total U.S. earnings would increase by 12%, representing nearly $1 trillion today.

People of color make up 37% of the working age population now, but they are projected to grow to 46% by 2030, and 55% by 2050. Closing the earnings gap by 2030 would increase GDP by 16%.




philanthropic support for communities of color

Less than 8% of philanthropic support goes towards investing in communities of color.

Decolonizing Wealth aims to drive a national conversation to help close this gap and advance racial and economic equity.

Together, we will transform how money is used by philanthropy and finance to better serve the needs of Indigenous people and communities of color.




All net proceeds generated from sales of the book will support the Generation Indigenous Fund, a Native-led fund created by Native Americans in Philanthropy that empowers Indigenous youth.

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Edgar outlines with compassion and clarity thoughtful and practical steps toward aligning our money with our values. There are important lessons here for anyone working in finance or philanthropy.
— Keith Mestrich, President & CEO, Amalgamated Bank

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